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Inkredible Squad: A Group/Collective

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

When five African rappers decide to come together and create something nice, It gives the group/collective called Inkredible Squad. Dray, M.K, Jamzy, Lordy, and Sandro are friends who grew up listening to rap music. After years outside Benin, they decided to come together and release an album of 10 songs.

Rap for them was always the music, that helped them express themselves, so It was more than just normal to not choose another kind of music style.

In their Album called Inkredible Squad the collective talks about different topics of life. They also motivate other young people to fight for their dreams. In the Album, the adjective third world can be heard a lot of times, Ex: in the song Final Cut. This adjective is usually used to describe economically poor countries. By doing that, the collective urges these countries to stand up for a better future.

While on vacation in Cotonou last summer (September 2021), New Afro had the opportunity to meet the group for a 30 min conversation about its career, goals, and dreams as a rap collective.

To the image of the group ( 3 members do rap in English and 2 in French), the interview was made in English and French.

Go watch the Interview and don't hesitate to leave a comment and like It, please :)

Big thanks to the hotel: Golden Tulip le Diplomate Cotonou

Fatou Diani (Potager Benin)

Martial Gbaguidi (Camera)


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