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New Afro meets Fabregas Le Metis Noir

Fabregas is a Congolese musician (DRC) with a special, own signature. His career took a more serious path when he left the orchestra Wenge Musica Maison Mère created by the rumba legend Werrason in the early 2010s to build his own career.

Two years after the release of his first album Amour Amour, he released 2014 the song "Mascara".That song had a huge success in Africa and abroad. The song was the beginning of a long and prosperous musical career.

Next to his own career, the musician has his own label called Wanted Record, in which he produced talents such as Tatiana Cruz, Baudelaire Lutete, Patrick Beckham, and many others.

On a short visit to Paris, Fabregas accepted talking with us about his music, his career as a producer, and where he views himself 10 years from now.

Enjoy the interview in French. Like It and leave a nice/constructive comment on It, please.


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