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New Afro, The Creative Vision

Updated: May 8, 2023

A Team of CREATIVES in Frankfurt am Main & Mainz

2020 was an incredible year for the world. Some of us will remember it as the year, in which Covid-19 stopped the world. None of us could have imagined, that after Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations, we had to get ready for quarantines, less contacts with our beloved ones, social, mental and humanitarian crisis.

However, New Afro wants to remember that year (at least the beginning of 2020) as a year full of creativity, a visionary year, because in February of that year, we released our first project ever! To help people understand the vision, we decided to build a group of creatives with different backgrounds, who will all meet and create content around one theme: AFRICA. Therefore a shooting was organized with all the clothings and objects we had. The result of this shooting had not only been some great fashion pictures, a good mood on set and contacts, but a fashion show inside Christiane Schauder's Atelier (an artist based in Mainz, who was decorated by the city of Mainz for her work and dedication to the creative industry in Rheinland-Pfalz ) in the Altstadt district of Mainz.

You may ask yourself "why a fashion show"? Well, fashion is something that many people can relate to. Fashion is the art of wearing clothes, combining patterns, fabrics, colors and more. Like in many countries all over the world and in Africa too, fashion became not only a medium to pass messages but also a way to keep cultures alive.

The Vision started a long time ago (view blog about New Afro creation). But the fashion show idea came after a one-day fashion shooting inside Daniel Kummer's office in Frankfurt. We wanted to create content for our website. For that, we had prepared some clothings from different upcoming designers such as Kuamba-kuakuvi (based in Cotonou), Zoebyangel (based in Paris) and Daria Berger (based in Frankfurt), Florie's (brand based in Mainz). Like almost every fashion shoot, a make-up artist, hairdresser, creative director and models are needed. Therefore, we builded ourselves a team of creatives with different backgrounds. The result of the photoshoot and the energy within the team were so impressive that organizing a fashion show was a logic and obvious upcoming project.

That's how, an Atelier, that usually welcomes musicians, reading groups, writers or even painting classes, was transformed into a catwalk room. The Atelier of the painter Nicolaus Werner became our hair salon, changing and Make-Up room.

This event required a lot of hard work and personal dedication: we had to face many challenges linked to the time limit, the energy and creativity, our own funding situation, the stress and nervosity. But it was worth the effort because of the vision we wanted to share.

Two years after that project, we ended up creating a start-up: NEW AFRO, that wants to be the bridge between creatives with African backgrounds and other creatives all over the world.

Therefore, we all came together, creatives with different backgrounds around a topic: portraying the african cultural diversity through music, fashion or even paintings. The visitors understood our message and enjoyed sharing nice moments with us.

Take a look at some pictures of the photoshoot and show in Mainz 2020.

Some articles can be purchased on our website under Store.

Let's culturally build a better world together.

Styling: Cheria Bayer & Daria Berger
Models: Helena, Cheria, Maria

She is wearing Florie's / Styling by Cheria Bayer & Daria Berger
Model: Maria

She is wearing a Shirt by Florie's / Hair by Rianatou / Make-Up : Delfonso Friseur Salon Mainz
Model: Maria

He is wearing Florie's / Styling: Cheria Bayer & Daria Berger
Model: Papis

He is wearing a shirt by Florie's / Styling: Cheria Bayer
Model: Gustav

Earrings: New Afro / Clothes: Zoebyangel/ Make-up and Hair by Delfonso Friseur Salon Mainz
Model: Luzie

Wearing @Kuamba_Kuakuvi / Styling: Daria Berger
Model: Cheria

He is wearing Florie's / Styling: Daria Berger
Model: Papis

Wearing a bag from Florie's. Styling was made by Cheria Bayer & Daria Berger
Model: Cheria

Styling: Cheria Bayer & Daria Berger / Hair and Make-Up: Delfonso Friseur Salon Mainz & Rianatou
Models: Helena, Gustav, Cheria, Maria, Papis

Small immersion in our first ever organized cultural event February 2020

Huge thanks to:

and all the talented and friendly models we had ( Dilara, Helena, Maria, Cheria, Luzie, Pap, Gustav, Emret, Conny, Daria's Daughter...)



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